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How to get here?

We can organize a taxi for you. The taxi drivers working with the lodge know the way very well. The trip from the airport will take about one hour and twenty minutes. The last eight kilometers are on a dirt road.

But if you prefer to find your own transport please note that not all the drivers on the Island know our hotel, as it is still quite new. Many confuse our Sunshine Marine Lodge with the older sister - Sunshine Hotel in Matemwe.

Here is a map and directions:

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  • Coming from Stone Town / Airport with the main road to Nungwi, you should turn right in Mkwajuni in the direction of Matemwe.
  • After few hundred meters and few turns, the road will turn right and will be going downhill.
  • Few hundred meters further there will be a wide dirt road on the left. You should turn left onto the dirt road. Follow the road. It is about 8 kilometers.
  • At certain moment you will arrive at the "local gate" and you will see a sign "Sunshine Marine Lodge / Dive Point" with a blue arrow pointing right. You should turn right.
  • After 100 meters you will see another sign and arrow pointing left. You should turn left.
  • After 300 meters you will reach the gate of the Lodge. The second gate is the main one. You arrived!
There is also a road from Matemwe going along the shore. It is shorter but it is much worse than the one described above. The drive will take the same time and will be much less comfortable.